Nina Ryser was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and is now based in Philadelphia, PA. She received her BA in Music Composition at Bard College, where she studied electronic music and composed music for a variety of ensembles, including the American Symphony Orchestra. She performs in several bands and projects that regularly record and tour across the US and Canada, including Palberta, Shimmer, Fire Roast, and Data. Palberta, an art punk/pop trio of 9 years consisting of Nina, Anina Ivry-Block and Lily Konigsberg, has relseased eight albums and toured prolifically, opening for Bikini Kill and Deerhoof, among many other groups.
    As a teacher, Nina has worked with children ages 2-13, ranging from private lessons and group classes in drums, piano and songwriting, to workshops on building sound sculpture and contact microphones.
    Nina started writing songs on piano, singing and recording when she was 8 years old. Over the years her solo project has included synths, vocals and electronics, and whatever objects she finds around her house. She regularly performs across the country, and has released six albums, all home-recorded. Her latest album, Paths of Color, is her sixth solo album.
    “In line with her past few releases, Paths of Color is characteristic Nina Ryser: dreamy, wonky, synth-based art-pop that’s bubbly, edgy, sweet, and dark all at once; with elements of post-punk, art rock, and free jazz. But on Paths, Ryser has honed her home recording and mixing skills and refined her home studio set-up, making it her most polished-sounding work yet. But she’s maintained that homemade vibe, as well as the freedom of childhood expression that is so crucial to her sound. Her background in contemporary classical music serves to hold it all together in a taut, designful balance.” (Leah Mandel, Cowgirl Records)