Graphic Design

Show flyer.
March, 2022.

Show flyer.
November, 2021.

Palberta show flyer.
August, 2021.

Vinyl jacket for “Paths of Color” solo album.
October, 2020.

“Paths of Color” record inserts.
October, 2020.


“Something in the Way”
single artwork.

May, 2020.

“Before I Got Here”
single artwork.
May, 2020.

“Palberta Tiny Desk Session”
album artwork.

September, 2021.

“Palberta Live from Under The First Floor” Album artwork.
June, 2020.

Palberta show flyer.
April, 2020.

“Palberta Europe Tour 2020” T-Shirt design. Paper cutout stars and masks by
Somer Stampley.

February, 2020.

Fire Roast 4-panel fold-out jacket for cassette tape.
Frontside (top) and backside (botom).
January, 2020.

Shimmer “And I Revel” vinyl jacket backside, fonts and formatting.
November, 2019.

Palberta “Roach Goin’ Down” vinyl jacket, fonts and formatting.
June, 2018.

Palberta “Roach Goin’ Down” record insert, fonts and formatting.
June, 2018.

Palberta “Roach Goin’ Down” double-sided record insert.
June, 2018.

Shimmer vinyl jacket, fonts and formatting.
September, 2017.

Soul Glo t-shirt design.
April, 2017.

Palberta t-shirt design. 2016.

Palberta t-shirt design. 2015.

Palberta t-shirt design. 2014.

Palberta t-shirt design. 2013.