Sound Sculpture
Summer Arts at Brooklyn Friends School

July 2019

In this class, students designed their own sound sculptures made of wood, metals of different shapes and sizes, recycled materials and contact microphones. Students learned how to use soldering irons to build their very own contact microphones, made out of piezo discs, speaker cable and quarter-inch plugs, turning their sculptures into amplified instruments. They designed their sculptures based on the unique pitches and sound textures they discovered from the materials they used.

The Green Tambourine Music Studio
Philadelphia, PA
October 2017-August 2019

Provided private and group lessons in piano, drums, and guitar for children ages 2-13.
Taught group Songwriting, guiding children in lyric-writing techniques and composition for accompanying instruments. Helped students prepare their songs for recording and live performance. Recorded the students’ songs using computer recording software, and provided each student with a CD copy of their song at the end of each semester at their performance.

“We Love Our Pets” by Girls Out of This World
CD cover image. August, 2019.